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What is Kangoo Jumps®?

Kangoo Jumps® is the Worldwide leading brand for safe mobile rebound exercise. They have the World's lowest impact shoes - the specially patented spring system (IPS) absorbs up to 80% of the impact from the physical activity and hard surface. It is an easy, safe and effective cardio rebounding workout following KJ licensed fitness programs and it is the fastest, effective way to lose weight and, most importantly, without any harm to your health.

What are the benefits?

Kangoo Jumps® Fitness Programs offer all the benefits what rebound exercise can give. There are at least 33 ways of how your body would benefit from this exercise. To mention few of them: Reduce up to 80% impact on the joints; Optimize cardiovascular health; Energize the lymphatic system; Promote faster weight loss; Improve core strength and balance; Increase metabolism and bone density...

Is it for me?

Kangoo Jumps® rebound shoes are for everyone! They suit a wide range of people. There are PowerShoes for Juniors 5+ (40lb/18kg-99lb/45kg) and XR3 or Pro series for adults/teens which should be adjusted according to person's body weight (70lb/32kg-20st/125kg and over). See adjustment recommendations here.

Available in different sizes from Junior UK13 up to adults UK14 and variety of colours.

Are there any contraindications?

As with any other type of fitness or sport, KJ rebound shoes have some contraindications. They are not permitted while pregnant due to the relatively high intensity of the performance of rebounding. As well as contraindicated for the categories of people with cervical spondylosis. Always consult doctor/medical expert before taking part in any kind of exercise.

What should I know before I start?

KJ shoes are very easy to use. Wear comfortable gym clothing (ladies - sports bra), thick or double knee high cotton socks. Always put the boots on/off while seated. Fasten the buckles so that you hear a small click. Do not make them too tight, readjust immediately if you feel discomfort. Stand up slowly, looking ahead. Start with a light run in place, jumping from one foot to the other. Move the center of gravity on the entire foot, not just on toes or heels, legs are best placed shoulder-width apart.


How can I join the class?

We strongly recommend attending classes only with licensed KJ instructors!!! 

As it may seem simple form of fitness, there are many rules and techniques that require some knowledge and training. Find your nearest fully qualified instructor at the top of the page Find a Class and book your happy hour now!

Hire or get my own pair of KJ shoes?

You can always hire a pair for the session to see how you feel and is this something for you. However, it is very handy if you have your own pair as you can exercise whenever you have free time and wherever you are. Go to the top of the page KJ Products and choose your very special pair. Start your journey today!

How do I buy? Delivery and warranty terms.

You can make a direct purchase from KJ Products page, alternatively message on Facebook page Buma Jumps UK. Also you can use contact form and details provided in Contact section. If the item is in stock, delivery usually takes 2-4 working days once dispatched. For warranty terms see our Store Policies section.