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Kangoo Jumps KJ rebound shoes Black Orange Pro7 XR3

XR3 series rebound shoes feature standard Impact Protection System (IPS), whereas Pro series have quite hard IPS. Both are suitable for adults and teens meaning that the shoes are adjusted according to the user's body weight (min 5.9st/38kg - max 19.7st/125kg).

Kangoo Jumps KJ rebound shoes Black White Grey XR3

These are customised colours XR3 and Pro series rebound shoes. Like the regular ones, they feature standard and harder Impact Protection System (IPS) depending on the user's body weight. Suitable for adults and teens with a body weight between 5.9st/38kg and 19.7st/125kg.

Kangoo Jumps KJ rebound shoes Silver Pink PowerShoes

PowerShoes feature softer Impact Protection System (IPS) therefore suitable for JUNIORS 5+ and PRE-TEENS only with the body weight between 40lbs/18kg and 99lbs/45kg.

Kangoo Jumps KJ rebound shoes Black Yellow Upper part XR3

Bored with your existing colour? These are Original Genuine Kangoo Jumps® upper part of the rebound boots. Choose your size and the desired colour to your daily workouts. Front and Round Nuts + bolts included.

Important Notice

Save Money by Caring for Items You Already Own

Shells can break due to sudden change of temperature!!! 

In winter conditions: if you have just received your brand new pair or taking them indoors from a car boot/garage etc., please, leave the boots in room temperature to adapt for 1-2 hours. Or if you're planning to use them outdoors, leave the boots to adapt to outside temperature for at least 30 minutes.

In summer conditionsDO NOT leave your boots in direct sun light or in your car. In long term the heat can damage the boots as well as springs and shells. Also, the Sun can fade/change the colour of the boots.

Always start with a warm up, as it is essential for both - yourself and the boots!

Be Fit Be Healthy

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