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Letstick XR3048F

Letstick XR3048F

Custom made stickers specially tailored for Kangoo Jumps® XR3 and Pro7 series rebound shoes. Boots are not included! Price may vary due to the size of your boots.


Used the latest Latex inprint® and Hot Wrapping Technology™. Easy to apply and remove.  Actual design/colour might have a slight difference from photo (read Store Policies).

Always apply on clean and dry boots (for best results it is recommended to wipe the surface with basic nail polish remover)!

To apply, peel off Letstick from the base paper, place it in the intended part of the boot and stick with gentle moves of your fingers. If you made a mistake, don’t worry, the unique technology allows you to remove and place it correctly.

Remember! After you put Letstick™ on your boots, it is very important to use hair dryer with hot air to activate Hot Wrapping System™ and make Letstick™ wrap surface properly.


To remove, find a corner to start with and just peel it off from your boots. It should only take under a minute and will not leave any damage. If there are some traces of glue left on the surface, just wipe it off with basic nail polish remover and you are ready to apply another completely new Letstick™ design.

PriceFrom £18.28
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