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Care About the Things You Already Own

We Will Help You To Help Your Boots

T-Springs (regardless of what type, e.g., TS-XR6, TS-Pro7, TS-Pro6, or TS-PowerShoe) must be changed mandatory every 60-80 hours of jumping. If exercising 2-3 a week, that would be in 5-6 months. They can be worn out faster on different surfaces, though. If you don't change them on time, they extend and put more pressure on the shells; therefore, you are risking of breaking the shells (which again leads to additional costs).

    There are also visual signs of worn out T-Springs. It can be either of these, not necessarily all together: 

1. The boots IPS (Impact Protection System) reminds you of almond shape.

2. The distance between the upper and lower shell in the middle is 14cm or less!!!

3. The triangle on the lower shell starts to be covered by the T-Spring's triangle.

4. The ends of the T-Springs (where the shells sit in) become very narrow - don't let the shells to touch each other!!!

5. You feel more pressure on your feet and they are not bouncy enough.

Watch these videos how to take the springs off and safely put them back.

There are 4 types of shells and along with T-Springs they have to be adjusted according to person's body weight, health condition and physical ability also have to be taken into account:

  • Soft for KJ-PowerShoes only (up to 45kg/99lbs)

  • Light for KJ-XR3 series (up to 80kg/12.5st)

  • Hard for KJ-XR3 and Pro7 series S-M sizes (above 80kg/12.5st)

  • Extra Hard for KJ-Pro7 series L-XL sizes (over 90kg/14.1st)

Shell is a very durable piece if the springs are changed regularly and on time. If you don't, shells extend and then break. Shells are secured to the boot with either 1 (for KJ-PowerShoes only) or 2 (for KJ-XR3 and KJ-Pro series) nuts/screws​. From time to time you have to check if those nuts/screws haven't become looser, and if they have, gently tighten with Allen Key nr.5. Shells can break due to sudden change of temperature!!! If you have just received (in winter) your brand new pair or taking them indoors from a car boot/garage etc., please, leave them to adapt to the temperature for 1-2 hours before using. Always start with a warm up, as it is essential for both - yourself and the boots!

Soles or Non-slip Tread

This is a durable piece but still time to time needs to be replaced. Soles are wearing off faster if used outdoors. Also it is very important to clean them after using outdoors! Clear the soles from little stones or sand which can be stuck under or in between the shell and sole. Watch this video how to change the soles. You will need flat screwdriver and replacement soles.​ Be careful and don't damage your shells with the sharp end of the flat screwdriver. 

There are 3 types of soles:

  1. Sole A for Powershoes

  2. Sole 8 for XR3 and Pro7 series XS-M sizes

  3. Sole 7 for Pro7 series L-XL sizes

Note: New clamps are very tight and you may struggle to attach them. You might need to use hair dryer on medium heat or hold them in a hot water to soften them. 

Usually this is not the most common part of the boots you would need to change. But if it for some reason is faulty or you just want to change for a different colour, this is what you need to know. Remove the liners and here is the video to help you. Be very careful and only do this if you are confident. You will need:

  1. Hard surface

  2. Metal drill

  3. Phillips screwdriver

  4. Replacement buckles


Straps are available in black or white colour, they are long and short. You can customize Your boots by changing different colour springs, liners, shells, buckles and straps, too. It is very easy to change them, watch this video.

Important Notice

Save Money by Caring for Items You Already Own

Shells can break due to sudden change of temperature!!! 

In winter conditions: if You have just received Your brand new pair or taking them indoors from a car boot/garage etc., please, leave the boots in room temperature to adapt for 1-2 hours. Or if You are planning to use them outdoors, leave the boots to adapt to outside temperature at least 30 minutes.

In summer conditions: DO NOT leave Your boots in direct sun light or in Your car for long time of period. In long term the heat can damage the boots as well as springs and shells. However, the Sun can fade/change the colour of the boots.

Always start with a warm up, as it is essential for both - Yourself and the boots!


Be Fit Be Healthy

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