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Qualified KJ Instructors get 10% discount on all KJ products
Bluma Jumps special offer for NEW instructors* - 15% discount on their first order**!!!

  • 20-21 April 2024 ONLINE Aerobic / Exercise to Music £350

  •  21 April 2024 LONDON Kangoo Discovery™ Instructor Training £100-£259

  • 8-9 June 2024 CARDIFF Kangoo Power™ Instructor Training £100-£399

Kangoo Jumps is the Worldwide leading brand for safe mobile rebound exercise. Kangoo Jumps ultimate vision is to create a new way of life that skillfully combines HEALTH, FITNESS and FUN for all! Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are perfect for cross-training activities and provide many additional health and fitness benefits. They are designed for all ages and fitness levels and are very easy to use. They are the results of 30 years of studies and product development to make exercise safe and incredibly fun! We are proud to offer you KJ products and fitness programs in Great Britain! Have Fun Getting Fit with Bluma Jumps!

* if training completed via Kangoo Club Southend 
** when buying 5 or more pairs of KJ rebound shoes + spare parts

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