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Kangoo Jumps KJ XR3 Rebound Shoes Black/Yellow 30 years Trust the Original

KJ XR3 Black/Yellow



Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are very durable. They can last several years with proper care. KJ-XR3 is a standard unisex model  recommended for Kangoo Jumps® Fitness Programs. Everyone can use - from complete beginners to the very fit! It is also suitable for teens and pre-teens, depending on body weight (if under 55kg/8.6st you might need to cut some bands). It has multi-sized liner which is removable and can be machine washed at 30*C. 


Note: For safe and maximum rebound shells and springs have to be adjusted according to person's current body weight which is why price may vary.  For example, Light Shells + TS-XR6 springs are suitable for only up to approx 10.2st/65kg. See these recommendations. Contact us directly for any questions.

T-Springs have to be changed every 60-80 working hours (more info here). Store the boots away from direct sun light and/or heating systems, avoid damp storage areas. Multi-sized liners are machine washable at 30*C, leave them to air dry. Clean the boots on a regular basis, remove stones/sand/grass from and in between shells and soles. Time to time check the bolts on the upper shells, if they have become loose, gently tighten with Allen key nr.5.

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