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Kangoo Jumps KJ Original UK T-Springs TS-XR6 all colours replacement rubber bands

KJ T-Springs TS-XR6 (pair)

Replacement T-Springs are compatible with KJ XR3 and KJ Pro Series rebound shoes. Available in various colours. Features the new 4 TwinTurbos System (improves balance and rebound) and SRS (Safety Release System) which improves balance and rebound. 


T-Springs have to be adjusted according to person's body weight. Upgrade to TS-Pro7 or TS-Pro6 before adding Metal Coil Springs which can be adjusted to customize the compression resistance of your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes.


Note: T-Springs need the most attention and regular replacement. We recommend replacing them after every 60-80 hours of use - more frequently if you always want top performance and to extend the life of your KJ rebound shoes. More information

£25.65 Regular Price
£21.81Sale Price

15% off Spare Parts

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