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Kangoo Jumps KJ Pro7 Soles with Clamps for Extra Hard shells pair

KJ Sole 7 Pro (pair)

Replacement soles for KJ Pro7 models sizes L and XL only.

Hyper-reactive rugged sole attaches tightly to the lower shell with clamps and are very easy to replace when necessary (see video). Acts as a shock absorber as part of the innovative patented Impact Protection System (IPS). Soles are made of the best existing material. It can take you up to 1-2 years to wear them out, unless you drag your feet. Soles are constructed of non-marking and non-slippery materials. Suitable for most surfaces indoors and outdoors.


Important note: after you have used your KJ rebound shoes outdoors, clean your treads and remove all stones which might have got caught in the sole, before using them again indoors.

Replacing the sole is easy: use a large regular screwdriver to disassemble them from the lower shell and reassemble them again. Clamps are universal, they fit all models, but it may be necessary to “pre-stretch” the clamps when replacing the soles.

PriceFrom £22.35

15% off Spare Parts

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