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Kangoo Jumps KJ Original Hard Shell Black for XR3 and Pro7 series rebound shoes

KJ Shell 6 XR Hard (1 unit)

Replacement Hard Shell for KJ-XR3 and Pro models. Can be used as upper and/or lower. Hard Shells can be adjusted to sizes S - XL. Also compatible with older XR series models, provided both upper or/and both lower shells are being replaced. If used as the lower Shell, will require KJ Sole 8 XR3 to be attached.


Shells don’t need any special care. However, over-used T-Springs put additional stress on the shells. If the T-Springs are not changed after a maximum 80 hours, the chances of having a shell break increases. Shells may break occasionally, after a certain period of usage and time, this varies depending on the usage conditions. The upper and lower shells are universal. There is no need to specify ‘upper’ or ‘lower’ when ordering replacements.


Note: Sold as a single unit! 

PriceFrom £28.62

15% off Spare Parts

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