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Kangoo Jumps KJ Liners Original inner socks Powershoe kids boots

KJ Liners WRP PowerShoe (pair)

Multi-Sized replacement Liners (inner socks) with expandable neoprene toe for childrens' KJ Powershoes only. Can be machine washed at 30°C/85°F. Do not use a dryer. Let the liners air dry. Remove liners for ventilation after use, when necessary. The dust can be removed from your Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes with a clean dry paint brush. Suitable for both KJ Powershoe sizes:

  • XS Junior UK13-2
  • S UK3-5


Note: The heel of the Liner shows the US Sizes 1-3 for XS and 4-6 for S

£35.99 Regular Price
£30.60Sale Price

15% off Spare Parts

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