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Kangoo Jumps KJ Black Shells with Black Soles and Clamps pair

KJ Hard Shells + Soles (pair)

Lower part of Kangoo Jumps® Impact Protection System (IPS).

This is a bundle of:

  • Hard Shells x2 single units
  • Soles with clamps x1 pair

This bundle is compatible with KJ-XR3 and Pro7 series boots only. May be adjusted for teens and adults with body weight over 80kg/12.6st. Comes ready to be attached to the boots -> T-Springs and the upper part of the IPS. If bought separately, the price is from £86.19


Note: To achieve the best rebound effect you must adjust the T-Springs according to the person's body weight. 

PriceFrom £83.60

15% off Spare Parts

Shell colour
Sole colour
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