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KJ Buckles

Replacement buckles for all Kangoo Jumps rebound shoe models -  KJ PowerShoe, KJ-XR3 and Pro series boots (also compatible for older models). Buckles come with tiny Bolts & Nuts for easy assembly to the boot.


Buckles when they lack lubricant can become difficult to close/snap, even if you don’t tighten them too much. They need only very slight lubrication. The moisture of your finger may be enough: lift the buckle and rub the metal hook below the buckle. If a buckle gets broken (very rarely), it can be replaced easily by yourself. Spare buckles with screw-on bolts are available for this purpose. The old buckle is removed by drilling the rivet. A shoe repair shop can also handle it.


Note: Professional help may be needed to change the original KJ Buckle to the replacement. The original have to be drilled off by using either m5 or m6 drill bit size (make sure they are long enough!!!). See this video

PriceFrom £7.49

15% off Spare Parts

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