DripFit® is a 100% natural workout intensifier. Through increased blood flow and circulation, whatever areas you rub on Drip Fit® topical cream, you will feel the warmth and an increase in perspiration (if used prior to exercising). Plus, this incredible cream has 1,001 benefits to your skin! Ingredients in DripFit® are proven to help with stretch marks, scarring, acne, anti-aging, dry skin, dark bags under the eyes, collagen production and much more.

Best results when used together with DripFit® sweat waist band which works beneath the skin in creating increased heat. These belts work to trap that heat in to amplify your sweat production in the midsection.

Whatever your goals are for exercising:

  • Tightening up

  • Strength

  • Enhanced motivation

  • Improved blood flow

  • Injury recovery and prevention

DripFit® will help you reach your goals faster!

Bluma Jumps Ltd. are proud to offer you original Drip Fit Products in the UK.